Nine years of writing (not counting all those short stories and poems I've penciled over the years or the novel I finished while my kids were toddlers by typing on my husband’s borrowed office laptop) has been quite a journey.  This includes nine years of attending the Romance Writers Association and ACFW Writers Conferences all across the country to pitch my wares, finishing nine full-length manuscripts, placing five times in the Genesis Writing Contest, and serving four years as a Judge for the Carol Awards. I have also had the huge accomplishment of convincing not one, but three literary agents to represent me over those years.  (A special thank you to The Steve Laube Agency) I can honestly say I have come a long way from where I first began.

I always tell my kids if a goal is gained too easily, you didn’t set it high enough. Pursue what you love, because your passion is what you were created to do. Don’t stop, don’t quit, don’t ever give up. But in your lifelong quest always humble yourself to learn and grow and change.  My journey has been uphill, downhill, through blizzards and hurricanes and sunny days. I’ve been granted just enough hope, just enough success to take another step forward. I’m not nearly done yet. I’ve only just begun.