Chris has written nine books. The following is a sampling of her current work.



Miracle on 134th--It’s Christmastime in New York City, and Kelly surrenders to the one job she vowed she would never take—a chauffeur for a wealthy businessman. But tragedy strikes, and these two people, from two very different worlds, suddenly find themselves clinging to each other, desperate for a miracle.  

He Loves Me. He Loves Me Not--On the billionaire island of Mariana, a young widow is relentlessly seduced by two bachelors—one loves her, one wants to control her—until she becomes entangled in a web of lies, deceit, and stolen diamonds.

Trapped With Max McArthur—Trapped in a blizzard with the world’s greatest country music star, Olivia’s dream becomes a nightmare when a vengeful stalker follows them into the storm.

Remember Me--This story begins at the very end of Emma Smart’s life. At eighty-five years old, she finds herself surrounded by all the modern luxuries afforded a dying person in a hospital bed. All the care and supplies, all the medical expertise, everything she could need. Except love. Until she receives a love letter in the mail, taking her back in time, and allowing her to remember...

The Gift -When an American Pre Med student purchases a simple golden jar from a forgotten London antique shop, he unleashes a three thousand year old plague until he uncovers the miracle hidden within.

Immunity -Hidden in the bayou of Louisiana, a doctor formulate his infamous Common Cold Vaccine. His true agenda is not what it seems, and he unwittingly threatens the very existence of mankind. 


Sacrifice —When Eagle kidnaps Celia Swanson from the running path below, he returns to the Appalachian clan with much more than just a wife…

The Keeper -After years of desperate searching and the heart-felt suffering of millions, the cure has finally been discovered—so why doesn't the world know?