Chris has written ten books. The following is a sampling of her current work.


Trapped With Max McArthur

Olivia needs one weekend away from her fiancé Nathan. He’s perfect, so why can’t she slip that engagement ring on her finger?—Nathan’s one big mistake last summer. She must find a way to forgive and forget.


She drives north to Lake Placid ski country but is met with the greatest blizzard to hit the East Coast in decades. Desperate for shelter, she finds herself stranded in a cabin with the famous country music star, Max McArthur—en route to Montreal for his concert. But Olivia’s heartwarming fantasy of meeting her favorite celebrity ices cold. Max McArthur has lost himself in the avalanche of wealth and fame, and he’s in trouble. 


A crazed stalker, with a quest for revenge, tracks Max through the storm. As Olivia and Max band together to fight back, the glacier of deception and lies melts away, and they finally discover the answer to all of their problems—love.

He Loves Me. He Loves Me Not--

On the exclusive Mariana Island, just off the coast of Florida, billionaires find a safe haven from the rest of the world, all but the newly widowed Megan Barrymore. Without the love of her life, she sequesters herself to mourn inside her beachside home for a full year, until finally appearing at the island’s grand party. She pauses at the top step, dreading the night ahead, and her effortless beauty, even amidst her despair, draws the attention of two bachelors.


Both men begin their relentless pursuit for Megan’s affection—for very different reasons. On the outside, these men appear much the same, successful and well-liked by everyone on Mariana. But one man sees Megan as a wounded, beautiful soul and longs to love her, ease her pain, and restore her back to life. The other sees Megan as an object to control, something to feed his insatiable ego, and he is obsessed with having her. 


Megan’s fragile heart becomes caught in a web of seduction and manipulation until she is no longer able to differentiate truth from lies. She falls in love, but is it with the wrong man? Her confusion intensifies as the mainland police swarm the island to investigate a series of diamond burglaries, and Megan Barrymore becomes their prime suspect.

Miracle on 134th--

Kelly promised herself she would never be a chauffeur like her dad and grandfather before her, but with Christmas only weeks away, she is desperate to provide for her three-year-old daughter, Rose. Rose has medical issues, the bills are mounting, and the fact that this job description insists on a male driver is not going to stop Kelly. She cuts her hair and slides on a pair of dark-rimmed glasses, and she lands the job, not because she’s qualified, but because nobody else wants it.  


Kelly soon discovers her new client is a wealthy New York City businessman, notorious for problems of his own. Although Kelly resigns to mind her own business, it is impossible to be sequestered inside an automobile all day long without getting to know this family quite personally. The egotistic billionaire, Marcus; his thirteen-year-old son, Byron; the flamboyant girlfriend, Carolyn; and the organic dog walker, Claire, all have major problems. Secrets are spoken and truths shared by everyone, and Kelly quickly becomes not only their driver but also their confidante, mentor, and friend. At least, to everyone but Marcus. He prides himself on running his global company with huge success; surely he can run his family, too. But that is the very problem, and Kelly sets out to prove him wrong, only making matters worse and triggering a life-threatening disaster from which there is no return.


With all lives in chaos, Kelly returns home to her basement apartment to find that stubborn puddle in the middle of her floor is back again, but this time, it refuses to go away. While she constantly mops the pool of water in vain, her daughter, Rose, becomes oddly obsessed with it and will focus on nothing else. Three days before Christmas, Rose finally succeeds in drawing Kelly toward the puddle and begs her to look closer. But what Kelly sees in the reflection of the water is much more than she could ever imagine. What every visitor, who is drawn to her apartment during these three days before Christmas, sees in that little pool of clean, clear water will change their lives forever.

Sacrifice—When Eagle kidnaps Celia Swanson, a bright young physician, from the running path below, his world changes in ways he never expected. Celia carries sickness into the remote Appalachian clan, and as Eagle fights to keep his new possession alive, he discovers there is more to a woman, more to this woman, than he’d been taught. Celia is the only person in camp who has the power to cure this outbreak, but the clan leader will kill her before he allows her to take his rightful place as savior. Eagle soon finds himself forfeiting his very life to save Celia’s. For Eagle found more than he bargained for on the hiking path that day—something he’d been told did not exist: Love. And with that love, comes the courage to free his people from vile secrets, savage rituals, and a narcissistic leader who imprisoned them for far too long.