Remember Me—Emma refuses to believe Bobby’s life was lost in World War II. Strengthened by faith she will wait for him forever, even if he does not want to be found. Join Emma at the end of her life, as she remembers those heartfelt years and finally uncovers the mystery of lost love.



Trapped—Trapped on a rural ski mountain during the blizzard of the century with none other than the world’s greatest Country Music Star freezes Olivia Mitchell’s spinning, chaotic world to a halt—all but her slowly melting heart.

Sacrifice—When Eagle kidnaps Celia Swanson, the bright young physician from the hiking path below, his world changes in ways he never predicted. For sickness strikes the remote Appalachian clan, and as Eagle becomes overwrought with keeping this woman alive, he unwittingly releases his guard, submitting to Celia’s medical knowledge and opening his heart and mind to the ways of a long-forgotten society. For Eagle finds more than he bargained for on the hiking path that day—something he was told did not exist—true love.

The Keeper—After years of desperate searching, the cure for cancer has finally been found—so why doesn’t the world know? Before Dr. Henry Holt can free millions of hurting people, he must first free the love of his life, her son and himself from a prison of wealth and power and deception.

Immunity—When all women, twenty years and younger, are suddenly stricken with the inability to bear children, God calls two inexperienced interns to unmask and destroy a man-made, scientifically-bred, genetic disaster that the world had blindly accepted as their salvation. As these prominent physicians work tirelessly side by side to find a cure, their long-founded competition and disdain for each other is silenced by their mutual longing to hear a newborn baby’s cry. And love, unplanned and untimely, is born.

Plague—When a young college couple mistakenly purchase a hidden jar of Manna, once carried inside the Ark of the Covenant, they unwittingly unleash a plague of Biblical proportions. But with this plague, ancient secrets are shown to them, bequeathed to them, like a torch passed from one generation to the next. As they fight to uncover miraculous mysteries and rush to share their discoveries with a hurting world, their fragile relationship strengthens into much more than it ever could have been before. In the end, it was not a plague they discovered, but a cure.


Eyes That See—What are we willing to forfeit to protect the lives of millions of innocent people in America today—the lives of a few guilty?  As the quiet, historic streets of Saratoga Springs are plagued by the murders of three beautiful, young women, fear terrorizes the hearts of all the people–except one– an autistic man, free from society’s pressures and values, can still see clearly, can still show us the truth.

Open Book


A Family Blessing—A simple prayer in The Book of Psalms, offered by a desperate parent thousands of years ago, is still relevant today. Families, of all ages, find themselves lost and confused, ridden with trouble and strife, and desperate for God’s blessing. This little book will show them that God’s guidance and favor is readily available and waiting.