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Chris has written nine books. The following is a sampling of her current work.

Portfolio: Project


Miracle on 134th: It’s Christmastime in New York City, and Kelly Sullivan surrenders to the one job she vowed she would never take—a chauffeur for the infamous CEO Marcus Irving; his eccentric girlfriend; his troubled son; and his quirky dog walker. Kelly’s daughter has medical issues, and the mounting bills give her no choice. But sudden tragedy strikes within these two families, and Kelly and Marcus, two people from two very different worlds, suddenly find themselves clinging together, desperate for a miracle.  

He Loves Me. He Loves Me Not: On the billionaire island of Mariana, a young widow, Megan Barrymore, is relentlessly seduced by two alluring bachelors—one truly loves her; the other is a narcissistic psychopath who wants to manipulate and use her. But Megan cannot distinguish the two; until she becomes entangled in a web of lies, deceit, and stolen diamonds.

Trapped With Max McArthur: Trapped in a blizzard in the Lake Placid mountains with the one and only Max McArthur, The World’s Greatest Country Music Star, was Olivia’s life-long fantasy. But the dream quickly turns into a horrifying nightmare, when they discover a vengeful stalker has followed Max into the storm.


The Gift: When American Pre-Med students, Henry Holt, and his girlfriend, Anne Adelman, purchase a simple golden jar from a forgotten London antique shop, they unwittingly unleash a three-thousand-year-old plague…until they discover the secret hidden inside.

Sacrifice: When Eagle captures the bright young physician, Celia Swanson, from the running path below, he returns to the remote Appalachian clan with much more than just a wife, for a rare disease strikes the clan, and the only person who can save them now is Celia. 

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