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Chris loves nothing more than to spend the entire day cooking a special dinner for her family and her twenty-eight nieces and nephews. She believes, at the very end of our lives, when we take a good look back, we will realize that all that really mattered were our relationships. They're the meaning and the joy of life.


Chris has a great love for fiction and has had her nose stuck in a book since she was a child.  She pursued a Business Degree from Canisius College in New York,  but took every English and Literature class to create her own English minor. After graduation, life has been quite a chaotic adventure. She lived in 9 different small towns across the U.S. including the deep bayou of Louisiana, the remote Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia, the foot of the Adirondack Mountains of New York, the shadow of the abandoned steel mills of Pennsylvania, and the touristy coast of Florida, and she traveled to twenty-seven different countries. All of her books take place in real places that may be visited and investigated as authentic and strange and mysterious and odd and…wonderful. She was Founder and President of IntellSource, Inc., a highly successful medical consulting company until she pursued her first love, reading and writing, all day long. 


Chris also believes, when there’s nothing new under the sun, and you long for something more, be the change that you're looking for. And that is the reason for the BOOKSTORM Podcast—a deeper dive into best-selling fiction. A closer and more serious look at books that matter, books that make a difference in every single reader's life, long after the last page is turned.She can’t wait for you to join her on BOOKSTORM, where she hopes you will soon discover: There is no story told that is pure fiction; for everything we think we imagined is simply built upon the reality of what we already know to be true. Her motto: “Read a book, because within those mysterious pages, filled with interesting people and far-away places, you will discover something of you—something lost, something buried, or, maybe, just maybe, something you never knew.

Chris is the proud of mom of two adult children both working in NYC, a brand new Granddaughter, Sawyer Brooke, who is the absolute joy of her life, and two grandpups named Ralphy and Hank. Chris now lives in the Carolinas with her husband of 38 years. 


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