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Behind the Words

Chris Storm loves nothing more than to spend the entire day cooking a special dinner for her family and her twenty-eight nieces and nephews. She believes, at the very end of our lives, when we take a good look back, we will realize that all that really mattered was our relationships. That’s the meaning of life; love each other: it’s that simple.


She has moved around a lot; some of her own choosing, some due to professional relocation. She lived in eight different cities and traveled to twenty-six countries, and she also believes: When there’s nothing new under the sun, and you long for something more, be the change you’re looking for. And that is the reason for the BOOKSTORM Podcast—a deeper dive into best-selling fiction. A closer look at books that matter, books that make a difference in every single reader's life, long after the last page is turned.


So, why does Chris feel she’s qualified to talk to write and talk about books? Because she loves them. She’s been devouring books and writing short stories and poetry since she was a little girl. When she retired as President and Founder of Intellsource, Inc, her medical consulting company, she began writing full-time. She now has eleven completed novels in the Romantic Suspense/Suspense Thriller genres and one beloved Historical, all awaiting a publisher.


In the meantime, Chris knows the surest way rid yourself of your troubles is to go out and help somebody else with theirs. She’s been actively involved as a volunteer for Community Hospice, wherein she helped to maintain dignity and quality of life even in its final moments. She is an active member of the Junior League, purposed to aid the single-mother, head of household, in poverty. She also has volunteered with The Leukemia/Lymphoma Society and Eight Days of Hope, among others. For over four years, she’s been posting a Monday morning inspiration on Facebook to jump-start your very best week ahead.

She is the proud of mom of two graduates of Columbia University and Colgate University, both working in NYC and a brand new Granddaughter, Sawyer Brooke, who is the absolute joy of her life. Chris lives in Western New York with her husband of 38 years, plus 5 years of dating=43 years together! 

Chris can’t wait for you to join her on BOOKSTORM, where she hopes you will soon discover: There is no story told that is pure fiction; for everything we think we imagined is simply built upon the reality of what we already know to be true. Her motto:  Read a book, because within those mysterious pages, filled with interesting people and far-away places, you will discover something of you—something lost, something found, or maybe, just maybe, something you never knew. 

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